self-learning process

self-learning process

How do I get an education and profession in Saudi Arabia?

Send us a request to find information about education and professions in Saudi Arabia.

To find and submit a resume, please fill out the Free Application or submit your information through the Free Application Form.

Examples of requests you can see in the Education and Careers section.

Education in Saudi Arabia: what do you need to know?

Perhaps nothing develops the modern personality like a vocational education. But like the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia, like Western Europe and the United States, has a vibrant vocational and higher education program. And even more students from other countries want to pursue higher education in Saudi Arabia, including higher education in Saudi Arabia!

Since 2015, Saudi Arava has launched a program for international students applying for free higher education. The selection is carried out by Al-Mustansir University, which is state-licensed. You must have at least a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree to enter this program. After graduation, you have the chance to enter a master’s program.

There are a total of four faculties. You can choose which 3 of them suit you best:

Department of English Language and Literature

Departments of Aerospace Sciences and Astronautics

Division of Science and Technology for Higher Education

Division of Advanced Studies

Department of Architecture, Technology and Urbanization

Special Department for Women

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In the Department of Design, Architecture and Urbanism, you can take many specialized courses that focus on these sciences in depth. To get into this department you need to take an aptitude test and an examination.

Getting Ready to Go in Design, Architecture and Urban Studies

To prepare for admission to the Department of Architecture, Design, Architecture, Urbanization, take the entrance exams and register on our educational platform.

Undergraduate and Graduate Departments

In all three faculties you can study and take entrance tests at one of the 16 universities which are ranked among the best in the world. At the end of your studies you will receive a diploma and a bachelor’s degree. You can go on to a master’s degree and then to a doctorate. Once you graduate, you can choose one of the master’s programs according to your interests and abilities.

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