self-learning methods

self-learning methods

What does learning have to be accessible to everyone? This means: to be understandable and easily reproducible, easy to apply and develop, and adequate to the goals and available opportunities of the learners.

If we are talking about higher education, then we must understand that a person is not limited by the boundaries of the specialty. In order to create something new, at least in his branch of knowledge, in order to be able to think in a new way, education is necessary for all levels of understanding: higher, secondary, and elementary.

If we talk about education in general, we need software products that would allow us to learn the law and the mechanism of organization and functioning of Russian law.

This is the system of normative legal acts, which is called the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

We’ll have to talk about this topic separately, both in the roundtable and in the section format.

I believe we need to work out proposals in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and in its commissions, including a working program on studying the Constitution of the Russian Federation and developing Russian law as the basis for building a law-governed state.

We need to cooperate with State Duma deputies and with human rights commissioners in order to have a common point of view in all branches of law, in all fields of law, wherever we see fit.

The task of all ministries and departments is to develop and improve the legislation of the Russian Federation, which may improve even further as we achieve our goals and fulfil our tasks.

We are currently discussing the formation of a federal contract system.

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We are discussing the introduction of a completely new remuneration system with the introduction of a clear and transparent rating system.

And we need to make the necessary amendments and draft legislation, which will be passed in accordance with the Federal Law “On the Contract System in the Sphere of Procurement of Goods, Work, and Services for State and Municipal Needs.

Taking into account the decision of the State Council to increase the role and importance of the activity of public councils, I think it would be advisable to hold regular meetings of public councils that contribute to the development of civil society institutions.

The law “On Public Councils” should make such provisions in which representatives of civil society have certain rights and powers.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, we need to form such, first of all, a legal base which would provide an independent expert community with an open information policy.

We must formulate criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of civil servants.

Again, there should be a lot of suggestions in this bill.

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